Business Website – Which App to Use

Even if you don’t want to sell something over the Internet each reputable company requires a website. There are many CMS applications available that can provide you with an easy to use interface to create a site to present your business to the Internet community.

The most popular choices are, however, Joomla and WordPress. Both applications provide you with easy way to add and manage the information on your website. In WordPress and Joomla have big communities that daily create new plugins, templates and extensions for the applications.

Both applications can be installed with single click on most of the hosts. Our advice is to try both and check which one will be more suitable for your site. You can experiment with different templates, plugins and modules to achieve the result you want. No matter which one you choose you can’t go wrong – both scripts are great for creating business portfolio sites.

To start check out the Joomla and WordPress official websites.