How to Choose a Web Host?

In order to select a web host, there are few steps you should follow.

1. Specify your needs – Different websites and applications have different server requirements. A simple static website needs far less resources than an eCommerce application such as Magento. You also need to calculate how many visits you expect – do you expect only few visits per month or thousand of clicks? When you specify your needs, you will be able to tell, if you need a shared hosting provider, or a provider with a more advanced hosting solution.

2. Decide how much money you are ready to spend.

3. Do you need 24/7 technical support?

4. Do your research and select few companies that fulfill your requirements.

5. Read reviews about these companies. Existing customers can give you the best information about the web host. Just be aware, that there are many website with fake reviews out there. Be sure to check more than one source.

6. Call or chat with the web hosts of your choice. This way you can check how fast their reaction is and if their staff is helpful and answers all your questions.

7. Some hosting providers offer trial period – if you still can’t decide which web host to choose, you can buy an account for a shorter period, and decide wheather to stay with this host afterward.