How to Install Web Applicaions on Your Hosting Account

Most of the PHP/MySQL based application are installed in a similar manner – they require their files and database to be in place and to be correctly configured. Follow this basic guidelines and you will find that there is nothing hard in installing web applications.

First, you would need to download the application package. We recommend you to download scripts only from the official project websites. For example if you want to install WordPress – download it from Packages from different sites may content hidden or even malicious content that will harm your website or possibly your entire hosting account.

Once you have the files needed for your application, you need to upload them to your account. The easiest way to do this is through FTP. You can use any FTP application you want, i.e. Filezilla to connect to your account and upload your files.

Next, you will most probably need to create a database for your application. Your host should provide you with a control panel like cPanel or Plesk for example where you can make new databases. Note that once you create the database, you need to assign an username to it and provide that username with the necessary permissions to manipulate with the database.

After you have uploaded your files and you have a database with username attached to it, just visit the folder you have placed the application in through http request. Some applications may require you to navige to to an /install or /setup subfolder.

Finally, follow the Setup instructions and your application will be installed in no time!