Arvixe Review: Professional Host for Personal Sites & Enterprise

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Arvixe Web Hosting is founded in San Luis Obispo, CA. Since 2003 Arvixe offers professional web hosting for personal, small business and enterprise websites.

Their PersonalClass hosting plan includes unlimited disc space and monthly data transfer. Customers can host up to 6 domain. Arvixe uses cPanel as its Control Panel. It has Fantastico and Softaculous (Magento 1-click installer) as AutoInstallers integrated.

Arvixe has PHP 4 and 5 on their servers. You have to check what version your server has and switch it if you want to. To change the version to PHP5 you have to go to cPanel and from Software/Services choose PHP Configuration and do the switch. The registration of 1 domain is free for live. You can get this plan for $4.00/mo. If you want to have a Dedicated IP, it will cost you $2.00/mo.

The Magento Installation with Arvixe ran smoothly. We did not experience any problems. We have heard from other customers, that they used to have the following problem – they received the error “PHP extension pdo_mysql must be loaded”. If you get the same message, you can solve it by creating and uploading a file called php.ini with the following lines:

Upload this file to the Magento Hosting directory on your account and restart the installation. It will activate some required settings. You can also ask for help the Arvixe support team. They are very professional and are available 24/7. You can also check their tutorials and developer articles, if you should have other questions.

Arvixe Review: Professional Host for Personal Sites & Enterprise, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Bob Skiba says:

    Arvixe used to be a reliable, cost-efficient web host. All that changed in 2015. There are frequent down times and customer support is vistually non-existent. After 6 years with them, we have to scramble to find another, more reliable web host. It’s a shame.

  2. Garuda says:

    Arvixe is a joke. Their hosting servers are constantly being infected with CBL trojan virus’s, thus lowering my domain’s rep and forcing me to delist with spam blockers like spamhaus.

    The customer support is not rude, it is hostile. It takes over an hour for even online support. Many times they refuse to help.

    The 99% uptime is a joke. Last month they migrated to Texas and brought down my domain, without even a notice of the migration.

    Avoid these con artists. Worst hosting experience ever!

  3. ArvixeSucks says:

    AGREED ARVIXE IS NOTHING BUT A NIGHTMARE. Our sites go down on a daily basis. They move you from server to server only to have your site crash again on a daily basis. They make moves without installing anything. First they dont bother to install PHP then its PDO. They are a total joke. Their support is a bunch of indians on the other side of the planet. They dont answer their support and your left on hold for more than 1/2 hour without anyone or support. They are a total joke! We’re in the process of migrating away from these losers!

  4. James Dunham says:

    I wasn’t very happy when I had to make additional configurations just to finish my magento installation. It took me much more time than it should to start my application. Once the script was installed I didn’t have much problems. The site isn’t working very fast but you know that if you want to have a big magento-powered site you need to have atleast a VPS to have enough hosting power for the script!

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