GreenGeeks Review: 300% Green & Magento-ready!

GreenGeeksSign Up Now!GreenGeeks is a very young web host that brings eco-friendly consciousness in the industry and helps it’s customers increase their negative environmental impact in giving the nature something back though green investments, recycling and energy conservation.

Everyone who chooses GreenGeeks can be sure that their accounts will have a positive energy footprint on the environment. Green Geeks replaces with wind power credits 3 times the amount of energy used by the hosted websites, this is why they are proud to call themselves the only 300% Green Hosting provider. The hosting package prices of GreenGeeks are surely somewhat higher than the prices of the non-eco-friendly hosts, but the green idea has already gained great popularity and the number of customers searching for web hosts going this extra mile continues to increase.

Although the company itself exists since very few years, its management team has long experience in the web hosting industry. Its employees have worked with companies as iPowerWeb, StartLogic, Dot5Hosting, Lunarpages and HostPapa, and are able to provide quality hosting to the people who choose their services.

The web hosting pack of GreenGeeks includes the following features: Unlimited disc space and bandwidth allowance, one free domain for life. You can host unlimited domains on one hosting account, which is very convenient if you want to have more than one store and use different domain names. GreenGeeks also offers 24/7/365 North American support, not outsourced, which can be reached via Email, chat and phone during the working hours.

The 24 months plan comes with the price of $6.95/mo plus free domain and free account setup.
GreenGeeks uses high-quality technologies such as the Intel Dual Quad Core servers with RAID-10 Storage technology for the fastest and most reliable hosting service. The company also offers automated nightly backups of all servers to prevent important data loss.

The company meets all the requirements for hosting a Magento store. It has PHP 5, MySQL data bases, FTP access, SSH access is also available.

Unfortunately, the company uses Fantastico as their auto-installer, which still does not include Magento in the list with offered Scripts. But if you are able to install Magento yourself, this won’t be an issue for you.

Magento runs without problems on GreenGeeks’ servers. You can also take advantage of their free credits offer – with your account you will get $25 Yahoo advertising credits, and can start promoting your estore immediately.

GreenGeeks Review: 300% Green & Magento-ready!, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Anybody can be a fair weather friend. As long as you don’t ask much and pay your bill’s things can seem fine.
    I thought GreenGeeks was fine… until they lost my domain name.
    Only when everything was cut off, did I realize how vulnerable I was.
    My domain and related email addresses were my businesses only online presence and contact for the last decade.
    And only now have I realized that in promising to ‘pay for my domain for life’, and having it transferred to them, that they’d taken total control of it… I’m not even authorized to ask about it.
    Now anybody can make a mistake, but the way they seemed to be deceptive about it, really seemed shameful to me.
    Needless to say, I’d never have anything to do with their company again.

    • Jane says:

      Yes that’s right. I signed up with them and they stated to limit the resources ..very bad hosting very bad support, ruse took me days of contacting to get my money back they’re very cheating ..LIARS be careful I’m warning everybody this company is a mere scam

  2. Cris says:

    They shut my site down more times than I can remember…..!!

    Everything that happened – They blame my site

    Shut down for memory usage – They blame my site

    Every problem I ever had – They blame my site

    Now after doing research, I can see hundreds of people complaining about them.

    Their CEO even commented on some of the negative reviews and he took zero responsibly.

    I’m moving to They have better pricing and much better service.

  3. William B says:

    I moved to greegeeks and have been so disappointed. I moved for environmental reasons too but the site is constantly down. They also have a habit of blocking IP’s which makes me worry cuz all that blocking is affecting being found by search engines. Whenever my site is down, they ask for my IP so they can unblock it. that sounds nice and all but I put up a site for all to see it not just me. I asked a friend to check it from another IP and told me the site was down. Nice try greengeeks. The site was not put up just so I can see it. Their service is crap. Their bandwidth is slow and their tech support just gives you a run around. They don’t even give you credit when requested even when you have proof it was their doing. Greengeeks is a total waste of time. Go somewhere else, trust me on this…

  4. I moved to greengeeks because I was experiencing too much downtime with my previous hosting company. Now it seems that not everything is as they adertise! I run two moodle and one Joomla + coppermine picture gallery on my site. Now greengeeks are threatening to DELETE all of my resorces, students work and pictures because as they state the class it as “file archiving”.
    BEWARE, not all is as it seems! I am extremely dissapointed, harassed, and stressed over this situation, especially in view of the fact that they advertise all of these features namely namely content management systems like moodle, joomla, etc, and now it appears they are not happy with customers using these for their intended purpose!

  5. Jeremy says:

    I switched to for Environmental reasons. Never have I been so let down.
    -Initially, They assume you are a level 3 programmer.
    -My Site was constantly down on their number 4 server. They blamed by site.
    -I had constant time outs, they blamed by site.
    -My site was overloaded they blamed my site.
    -My site was slow, they blamed by site.

    I did some research and found that their crappy No.4 server was the problem. They changed me to no.10 and it was 10 times faster…

    Though now I cannot receive any email. I sent them my mail passwords to fix my mail and then no answer… I waited and NOTHING. I contacted Sales, Support even TREY the CEO with no Balls and NOTHING. I sent from GMAIL and NOTHING.

    I concluded that they must have read my email with an offer from BLUE HOST. this company is pure Green Trash. AVOID at all cost… = Expensive, KGB Support, Bad Service and a lot of Down Time…

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