Magento Extensions

Your Magento store can be easily customized according to your needs by simply installing Magento extensions or modules. You only have to go to your administration area and access Magento Connect. The Magento modules available there are core modules, community modules and commercial modules, and are all approved by the Magento team members.

In order to install an extension, you need to get its module key from the module page and enter it into the web interface of Magento Connect.

Here are some of the most popular free Magento extension:

  1. Fontis WYSIWYG Editor
    You can use this extension in order to enable a JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to specified admin pages. Currently the available editors are TinyMCE, FCKeditor and CKeditor.
  2. Fooman Google Analytics Plus
    This Magento extension brings a lot of improvements to your Analytics. Please pay attention that v0.9.0 only works on Magento 1.4 and up, for Magento and below you should use version 0.8.7 of this extension. With this extension you can track every individual page as well as track the actual keywords typed in by your user.
  3. Blog
    With this extension you will be able to create and add a blog to your online shop. This is a great way to establish a closer connection with your customer.
  4. Post Affiliate Pro Connector
    The integration of an affiliate program in your website is easy and quickly with PAP. With this module you will be able to accept referrals on any page of your website, and to trackĀ  click and sale.
  5. Magento Live Chat
    This module will help you add a LiveChat support in your Magento shop.
  6. Magento EasyLightbox
    Magento EasyLightbox will help you improve the frontend and functionality of your Magento store. With this module the images of your products will be displayed as a lightbox. No coding required.
  7. Enhanced Admin Product Grid
    You will be able to add new columns and tools and many other features to your admin product management grid.
  8. Bank Payment
    The Bank Payment module notifies the customer about the bank account he has to transfer the money to.
  9. Fooman Speedster
    This plugin offers you a quick way to speed up your Magento store by combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS.
  10. Canonical URL for Magento
    With this extension you can add canonical links to the head of all your Magento pages.