10 Blogging Topics You May Be Familiar With

The primary challenge prior to commencing any commercial venture is the selection of a certain category or specialty, commonly referred to as the domain in the realm of blogging. This predicament also arises prior to embarking on a blogging journey. If you are experiencing the same issue, this blog might provide valuable assistance. It highlights the top 10 niches or topics in which you can establish your blog.

In addition, we have acquired knowledge on how to select an appropriate niche for your site. Therefore, I encourage you to read this blog in its entirety to fully benefit from the information provided.

Subjects for Blogging

In the realm of blogging, topics are referred to as niche. Depending on the specific area of interest, there are various categories of blogs, including niche blogs, multi-niche blogs, and micro-niche blogs.

Allow me to provide you with a selection of blogging subjects that you can consider as a specialised focus for your blog.

Additional information regarding the specialty can be found at the conclusion of the post.

Technology and the Internet

Blogging can be primarily focused on Tech and Internet issues using the same blog. Therefore, I suggest consolidating them into a single blog.

A significant number of individuals lack proficiency in operating systems such as Windows, Android, mobile devices, computers, and the internet. Consequently, they rely on online sources to acquire the necessary knowledge.

Users can search for many topics on the internet, such as updating Windows, performing screen recording on Android, and finding the best video editing software.

You have the ability to establish a blog where you may provide individuals with information pertaining to the utilisation of the internet and technology.

This subject is highly competitive.


The topic of gadgets is highly lucrative for affiliate marketing, offering significant earning potential.

You have the ability to establish a blog where you write evaluations on technological devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones, mobile accessories, and computer accessories.

Additionally, you have the option to compose articles in the form of “best buy” and “list”.

There is significant competition in this subject as well. Therefore, by selecting a specific type of device, you only produce articles just on that particular subject matter.

For example, a monitor.

Wellness and Physical Conditioning

This is a really delicate subject for blogging. A single piece of incorrect information has the potential to devastate an individual’s life. Hence, the act of establishing a blog on this particular subject matter poses a significant challenge in terms of achieving a high ranking on Google’s search engine.

Only individuals with a strong understanding of health and fitness or those who possess a degree in this discipline should consider selecting this blogging topic.

This platform provides information about health, fitness, food, exercise, and yoga to individuals.

Education and Career

Starting a blog in education and career offers numerous advantages. By establishing a blog dedicated to the subject, achieving a high ranking on Google should not pose a challenge.

Within the realm of education and professional development, one can provide individuals with a career guide to assist them in determining their next steps. Alternatively, you might create a blog where you provide educational resources to individuals.

Individuals inquire about the process of becoming a doctor or seek guidance on the next steps to take after completing barvi. You have the ability to mentor and assist the students in attaining their objectives.

You can provide students with study materials such as PDFs, formulas, essays, and other relevant resources.

Each state in India has a board that might be considered as your specific area of expertise.

An excellent blog might also be created on this subject in the local dialect.

Online advertising and promotion of products and services

The field of digital marketing is highly competitive when it comes to blogging.

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of products or services using digital channels.

There are numerous topics in digital marketing that can be the subject of a blog, such as blogging, content marketing, SEO, SEM, and more.

You have the ability to establish a blog where you can disseminate knowledge and insights on digital marketing to individuals. Even with low readership, blogs on these topics can provide substantial income.

Financial matters

Finance encompasses various specialised areas such as credit cards, banking, stock market, mutual funds, and taxation.

Select this topic exclusively if you possess a strong command of money, as it is also a highly delicate subject. Your incorrect information has the potential to inflict significant harm onto someone.

Adsense can provide substantial revenue on a finance blog.


Entrepreneurship is a challenging endeavour. In recent years, there has been a competition to establish startups in India.

There is a multitude of legal and practical inquiries that individuals desire to acquire knowledge about. Additionally, individuals have a tendency to seek out business case studies and similar materials.

If desired, it is possible to compose articles on both finance and business within the same blog.

Affiliate Blog
One can also build a blog for the purpose of engaging in affiliate marketing for a certain product.

Numerous products achieve fame by leveraging affiliate marketing strategies. You have the option to select a certain product and engage in affiliate marketing by creating a shopping cart for it.

Hosting is an excellent affiliate product. You have the ability to establish a blog centred around the identical product. This blog allows you to create posts that consist of reviews and comparisons.

Current Events

Developing a blog centred around a news blog subject and composing a blog post about it is not a challenging endeavour. Additionally, there are other subjects within the realm of news that you can select and compose articles on.

I am interested in receiving updates on many topics such as technology, education, finance, and more.

To stay updated with the latest information from brands, companies, media houses, and other sources, you can follow them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This allows you to promptly report news as soon as it is announced.


Individuals have a strong affinity for discovering novel culinary meals and recipes to prepare. You have the ability to provide individuals with knowledge regarding the art of cooking and related subjects.

Additionally, you possess knowledge in culinary arts and other related skills. It is advisable to create a blog on this topic only after completing certain conditions.

In addition to culinary skills, you may also provide them with insights on subjects such as popular Indian cuisine or the finest dining establishments in Indore.

How can one select a blogging topic?

Prior to selecting a blogging topic, it is imperative to take into account these factors.

Enjoy your curiosity and knowledge.

You should select a blogging topic just when you possess a substantial level of expertise in that particular subject matter.

Proficiency in a particular field of interest is not a prerequisite. If you have a lack of knowledge in a blogging topic that you are interested in, you will find it challenging to produce substantial content on that subject.

If you choose to engage in blogging about a particular issue but lack knowledge about it, it is advisable to first acquire the necessary understanding before proceeding to write about it.

What is the potential earning capacity?

If your objective is to maximise your earnings through blogging, it is advisable to select a blogging topic that has the potential to generate higher income.

Subjects such as finance, which are directly associated with money, tend to have the highest financial resources.

Additionally, it is crucial to consider the various avenues via which one might generate income by leveraging that particular subject matter.

If you are able to utilise several monetization methods such as AdSense, affiliate marketing, guest or sponsored posts, among others, across different topics simultaneously, you have the potential to generate a substantial income.

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What is the definition of niche?

A niche refers to a certain topic on which blogging is focused. A blog focused on a particular topic is referred to as a niche blog.

The subject of blogging is commonly referred to as a niche. There are various categories of niche, which include the following:

Certain subjects are so extensive that even a group of ten individuals would be unable to fully cover them, and it is likely that you are now working on them alone.

By following this approach, you have the freedom to determine the number of levels you can write and subsequently select the specific niche, sub-niche, and micro-niche.

Niche refers to a specific and specialised topic or subject. Your blog is focused on a single topic. If your blog exclusively focuses on writing about a single gadget, then it might be classified as a niche blog.

A sub-niche refers to a specific topic within a larger specialty.

Micro Niche: The term “Micro Niche” implies a niche that is smaller in size. Put simply, if you write on your blog on a very specific and specialised topic inside a larger topic, then it can be classified as a micro niche blog.

The hierarchy is as follows: Gadgets (main category) > Mobile Gadgets (subcategory) > Audio Devices (sub-subcategory).

Engage in blogging.

Once you have selected a certain blogging niche, you must proceed to establish a blog and engage in blogging activities centred around that particular subject.

If desired, one can establish a whole blog centred around a specific topic by carefully selecting a micro niche within that topic.

By exerting diligent effort, you will certainly achieve success in the realm of blogging. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to put them in the comments section. I am quite certain that I will provide a response.

This post contains information regarding blogging topics in Hindi. You have the freedom to select any subject from this list and commence writing blog posts.